Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015

Putrajaya, City In A Garden

Driving through Putrajaya is like driving through a huge maze of garden, as 38 per cent of 49.8 square kilometres of land have been set aside for green lungs and natural settings. The plus point about this city is its natural landscape that exudes beauty and colour of a tropical paradise, making it a “City In A Garden”, for an apparent reason it was developed. It has now grown and maturing into an exquisite landscape with beautiful parks, dotted with lakes and wetlands. Even in the city, there is abundance of open spaces and wide boulevards, lined by trees and various species of plants along the streets, making it attractive to tourists and locals alike.

One cannot miss visiting the Putrajaya Botanical Garden, the country’s largest botanical garden that covers 92 hectares of land. Located in northern section of Precinct 1, the garden has been designed as an arcadia or a national sanctuary for Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research. Another distinctive feature of the city is the Putrajaya Wetlands, the first constructed freshwater wetland and deemed to be the largest in the tropics. So is the 600-hectare man-made Putrajaya Lake, which has become the water basin of the city, apart from being a climate moderator and unique landscape feature.

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Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015
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