Putrajaya Malaysia

Putrajaya - The Intelligent City

Putrajaya is like a living city with larger than life idea. It is not just a garden city, it is the world’s first Intelligent Garden City. It is a convergence of heritage, design and technology. It is said even “the fibre optic cables and minarets are both the personality of this city, as are modern stylised bridges amongst the natural heritage of fauna and flora.”

Putrajaya is indeed a city with a class of its own, possessing the aura of style, realist and culture, and equipped with the latest technology. It is located within Multimedia Super Corridor of Cyberjaya, which houses well-known multi-national companies in the world. Both Putrajaya and Cyberjaya are a manifestation of Malaysia’s aspirations to be a key global player in ICT. A plus point of the city is that it is within reach through excellent networks of connecting highways to other hubs such as KL International Airport and the CBD of Kuala Lumpur.

Whilst Putrajaya has all the Ministries and Government agencies housed in a central district of Putra Square, Putrajaya has begun raising its flags to attract potential investors in the likes of international banks, securities houses and media houses which are looking for an alternative city to doing their businesses and thus, making Putrajaya a desired city to live, work and play.

For more information about Putrajaya, visit http://www.putrajaya.gov.my

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