Floria 2010 Edition


2010 Floria Putrajaya

Heliconias are a common sight in Malaysian parks and gardens that beckon immediate adoration for their drooping flowers. Their flowers, in the shades of red, orange and yellow, produce on long, erect or drooping panicles and consist of brightly coloured waxy bracts and with small true flowers peeping out from the bracts.

The heliconias, a tropical splendour of flowering plants, were showcased at the 2010 Floria Putrajaya. The showcase encapsulated an assortment of Heliconias and related species from the plant order of Zingiberales. It also featured plants from the family of Musacea (Bananas), Strelitziacea (Bird of Paradise), Lowiacea, Zingiberacea (Gingers), Costacea (Costus), Cannacea (Cannas) and Marantacea (Prayer Plants).

The festival held from July 10 to 18, 2010 saw more than 650,000 visitors thronging Putrajaya’s Waterfront in Precinct 2. It was a sight to behold with a huge collection of about 200 species of heliconias one would ever witness in the history of the flowering plant in this part of the world. The Heliconias were richly displayed in the Floral Alley, Floral Avenue, Floral Meadow, Kiddy Play Area and Growers’ Display Garden. Another attraction, Showcase Gardens, exhibited theme gardens, namely, Exotic Heliconias, My Backyard Gardens and Courtyard Gardens.

One interesting fact of Heliconia flowers, better known as the lobster claw, is that they are mentioned in both Greek mythology and Chinese writings. From the beginning of recorded history, men and women had assigned special meaning and significance to different flowers and plants. Surprisingly, both Greek and Chinese believed Heliconias’ auspices lie on the bracts and panicles which signify great returns or good fortunes.

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