Floria Putrajaya 2011 Edition

Roses Are Forever
2011 Floria Putrajaya

2011 Floria Putrajaya

Since roses are always associated with the romantics and romanticism, whether it is a heart rendering poem or the nectar it besieges of a sweet love, you can never go wrong to assume that roses are the best next to women’s preferred gift in any occasion, after diamonds that is. One rose says more the dozen, says an anonymous self-professed philosopher.

Well, women came in droves to the 2011 Floria Putrajaya on that humid Thursday morning of June 30, 2011. They melted and they were enthralled and mesmerized with the exceptional lingering beauty and fragrance of roses displayed at this flower festival. Literally, the women took the courage, as what the late singer-songwriter Isaac Lee Hayes Jr. said, “to enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must also accept the thorns it bears.” These words aptly described the vehemence of these women, come rain or shine, to attend the festival themed “Roses Are Forever “ and it was not to be mistaken for a James Bond-film soundtracks. It was a catchy phrase for the festival theme at its best.

Roses come in a variety of types and colours with over 1,000 species of roses can be found in Southeast Asia and another 300 or more species found scattered throughout the globe. Roses do not only symbolise love, romance and affection, roses also symbolise the dollar signs. Yes, they have a high commercial value and they just suited in any landscape design or elaborated flower arrangement. Roses give that extra zing of colours to a bouquet of flowers or they are just scattered along the route to the marriage dais or to entice your spouse straight to the bedroom for a romantic night together!

The 2011 Floria Putrajaya was spectacular and colourful than the previous years. Indeed it was. The festival showcased the biggest collection of roses on flower beds, gardens and even retail lots. There was also rose growers’ garden, apart from other variety of tropical flowers that were equally attractive. One of most outstanding feature was the Flower Galore where a display of roses dominated the showground. It was “snowing” roses with roses displayed at the Entrance Statement, Floral Alley, Floral Arch, Floral Meadow, Kiddy Play Area and Therapy Garden.

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