Meet Us at 2014 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Expo

Fancy this…Royal Floria Putrajaya is set to scale greater heights as we are promoting the upcoming 2015 Royal Floria Putrajaya in China.

This time around, we will be participating in the 2014 Guangdong Maritime Silk Road International Expo, tauted to be one of the largest and iconic international expositions in China. It is scheduled to be held from October 31 till November 2 in the robust town of Houjie, Dongguan City.

FYI, Dongguan is a prefecture city in the central Guangdong province. It is a major manufacturing hub with a strong population of 7 million. The city ranks behind Shenzhen, Shanghai and Suzhou in exports amongst Chinese cities, with US$65.5 billion in shipments.

We will be setting up booths at the exposition to draw and attract potential international participants to take part in Royal Floria Putrajaya scheduled to be held in June next year.

Royal Floria Putrajaya

Apart from hyping up the event, there will be a galore of activities to attract Chinese landscape architects and flower and garden orchard owners to participate in the grand flower show in this part of the world.

One of the attractions to sway the interest of Chinese participants will be the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden located at the currently constructed park known as Anjung Floria.

The RM1.5 million Lingnan-styled garden, adorned with distinctive Chinese elements, is built to mark the 40th anniversary of ties between Malaysia and China.

In the garden, the white Cempaka or michelia alba – the official flower of Dongguan city, China – was planted to symbolise friendship, diplomatic relations and mutual understanding between the people of Malaysia and China.


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