2015 Meadow Garden

Meadow - New Age Oasis

Visitors to the 2015 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya encounter a new perspective of a meadow designed and conceptualized around an oasis. This ‘Oasis’ draws visitors through its tranquil gateway and serves as a focal point, creating a harmonious vortex that lures visitors into the area before deciding the next escapade to take in their journey through enchanting gardens and flowers. This Oasis gateway is ornamented with mesmerizing water features amidst lush greenery to please the eyes of the beholder.

A moment in the meadow is bound to induce a sense of freedom and openness akin to flowing fields of grass; tranquil and serene, yet allowing visitors to redirect their thoughts to other attractions awaiting them at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival.

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