2015 Royal Garden

Royal Garden: Seri Menanti Palace

Royal Gardens exude opulence, magnificence, exclusivity, affluence, indulgence and splendour, among many high value characteristics. Luscious gardens have traditionally fronted and adorned palaces, royal residences and vacation homes all over the world that are beautiful and magnanimous. There are closely trimmed shrubs, sprawling lawns and flowers of all types, colours, shapes and fragrances, interspersed by stunning fountains, ponds and immaculately trimmed promenades. Royal gardens present sights and facades that are truly stunning to behold, exuding glowing ambiances; serene, tranquil, peaceful, and heavenly. Monarchs and royals went to great lengths to preserve the sanctity of their royal gardens, exclusive to them and a selected few.

2015 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 is bringing the exclusive royal garden persona for visitors to savour. The 8th Royal Flower and Garden Festival features a royal garden permanent site designed to incorporate and display selected features of a royal garden. Visitors will be amazed by a captivating wonderland of sights, colours, fragrances, beauty and opulence that once were the playground of royals and monarchs underpinning the “Tapestry of Hues” of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya.

This year royal garden marquees a miniature iconic Istana Seri Menanti palace of Negeri Sembilan, exhibiting the true features of Minangkabau architecture, a representation of the ‘Legacy of Customs Land or Tanah Adat’ concept and capturing the essence of a royal garden. The garden’s beauty is enhanced by a grandiose entrance featuring the Buffalo Horns or ‘Tanduk Kerbau’ adorned with the royal crest of Negeri Sembilan cradled by a fountain to extend a majestic welcome to visitors.

Visitors enter between the buffalo horns rendition into a beautifully rendered and tendered garden, within an enclosure of palm trees, spruced up into a magnificent palace garden. Ornamented shrubs and indigenous flowering plants salute visitors as they coast among them. The settings will also feature fountains and lingering pools that will transform it into a magical tropical Garden of Eden.

The Royal Garden also features a replica of the ‘Panca Persada’ or ‘Balai Bersiram’ where DYMM Yang di-Pertuan Besar Negeri Sembilan, and his consort, DYMM Tunku Ampuan Besar Negeri Sembilan perform the ‘Persiraman’ or royal showers. Visitors also get to view a replica of the ‘Tahta Rencana’ or royal carriage used to carry the Yang di-Pertuan Besar and his consort during customary ceremonies.

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