Everything is moving and shaking at Anjung Floria, the permanent site for the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2015. The flowers are blooming, the gardens are transforming the landscape into a fascinating wonderland, while many others are being primed and readied to receive the hundreds of thousands of visitors expected to throng Anjung Floria during the upcoming festival from May 30 – June 7, 2015.

Flower Show Garden Festival


Judging from the beehive of activities among the garden designers, technical personnel and the landscaping crew, the festival this year has the trappings of the grandest event in Putrajaya. And that is not all. All indications are Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 will without a doubt permanently position Putrajaya and Malaysia on the global tourism calendar and destination.

Everywhere you turn, you see people on the move; arranging flower pots, bouquets, and applying finishing touches on the garden landscapes and pavilions. It’s going to be colourful! It’s going to be full of activities, events, happenings! The air is filled with positive vibes and the anticipation is spilling over. The participants at FLORIA Flavours have even begun to express concern on the overflowing crowd expected. They are going to be pleasantly overwhelmed!


And among the international designers, the anticipation is running high. The competition is going to be tight with every competitor pulling all stops to impress the judges. The permanent sites are undergoing their finishing touches and they are truly impressive, even before completion.

All over Anjung FLORIA, there will be numerous places for visitors, their families and friends to gather, converge and spend time together amidst colourful and visually intoxicating surroundings. And it just does not end there. Royal FLORIA is so going to be filled with activities and events, visitors may just be compelled to return for another day of feverish fun, activities, and partaking breathtaking sights and sounds.

Every participants and partners of FLORIA are clearly determined to make this event second to none in this region. The universities and school gardens is coming up to be another major attraction. Clearly, given the opportunity to mobilize their creativity, our youths are such stellar examples of industriousness, cooperation, excellent group dynamics and high values. Visitors to Royal FLORIA must resolve to stop at their gardens and take in the sights.

Even the lake running along the length of Anjung Floria is filled with activities…there’s kayakers and even the cruise vessels have been primed and decorated to suit the colourful atmosphere. And this is just during the daytime. After the sun sets…the sights are going to be even more stupendous!!!

Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 Flower and Garden Festival is going to be one of a kind and the place to be at in a week’s time.

BE THERE!!! We are going to have a great time together among family, friends, fellow Malaysians to welcome our foreign guests for an experience of a lifetime.



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