Putrajaya FloriaPutrajaya adds another feather to its cap of achievements by the implementation of the Comprehensive Processing & Compost Production Centre, in Putrajaya Wetland Park. The first in Malaysia thus moving closer to realising the vision of becoming the Green Tech City by 2025. This new installation which process and recycle garden waste and green waste will be known as FLORIA Compost Centre.

Through collaboration and partnership between the wholly owned PPj subsidiary, Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd (PFSB) and MIG Green Resources Sdn Bhd, all of the parks and other green waste collected in and around Putrajaya will be processed to produce compost and woodchip in the center. The centre’s functions encompasses waste collection, processing, research, production, and consulting services and sales of compost fertiliser.

Compost Center

Comprehensive Processing & Compost Production Centre

During the launch of the centre, Datuk Seri Adnan Md lkshan, Secretary General of the Ministry of Federal Territories said, “In addition to completing the government’s efforts in dealing with green waste to process 100% of garden waste and green waste received for the production of commercially viable products, well-planned partnership between PFSB and MIG Green can generate income, saving maintenance costs and expenses in the purchase of compost and mulching material and reduces Tipping Fee charges and ultimately reducing disposal costs.

With the introduction of this new system, all the parks and other green waste can be processed immediately on a large scale, in excess of 50 tons per day within a site measuring 60,000 square feet. Producing a wide range of products such as compost, mulch materials and biomass fuels, all of which are commercially valuable. In addition to reducing Putrajaya’s operational expenses through landfill disposal costs. The new processing method does not involve any landfills, but all the waste materials received will be processed entirely hence advancing Putrajaya’s mission as a city that is truly green. ”

Comprehensive Processing & Compost Production Centre

Previously, garden waste and green waste collected around Putrajaya which is estimated at 4,000 tons per month by contractors are sent to landfills outside Putrajaya or temporary waste transfer sites at the Botanical Garden and Wetland Park. Those sites in both parks are filled with green waste that was destroyed using shredding machines and allowed to undergo natural decomposition process which takes a long time to become compost. Improvements in the processing of these wastes is important to identify viable components worthy in producing compost and other products since the initial screening process to separate leaves, grass, twigs and branches can improve the product that will be produced.

Based on the concept of parks in urban development and smart cities, Putrajaya was designed and developed with care, with emphasis on sustainable development as the basis for planning, conservation and use of resources intelligently.

FLORIA Compost Products

For more information about composting, please contact Fatehah @ 017-5425339 or Humaidi @ 013-9560802.



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