The week approaching Chinese New Year of the Goat/Sheep 2015 saw the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden as the site for the symbolic release of fish in the garden pool by the President of Putrajaya Corporation, YBhg Tan Sri Dato’ Seri (Dr.) Aseh bin Haji Che Mat in attendance with YBhg Dato’ Hj. Mohd Sani bin Mistam, the Deputy Secretary General (Planning & Development) of the Ministry of Federal Territories.

CNY Chinese-Malaysia Friendship Garden


In Chinese culture, fish is a lucky mascot so much so the pronunciation of fish in Chinese (yu) depicts another Chinese character meaning surplus. In ancient Chinese tradition, every family prepared an entire fish on the eve of the Spring Festival to symbolize a lofty desire for wealth in the coming New Year. The tradition was passed down through the generations, and to this day, fish remains a mandatory main dish in Chinese dining especially during festivals to commemorate significant dates or events. The Chinese also believe flowing water can bring wealth to the family. Hence many Chinese households, particularly the wealthy, featured pools filled with fish. In modern Chinese society, the pools have mostly been replaced with tanks and aquariums containing live fishes.

Fish Release China-Malaysia Friendship Garden

The China-Malaysia Friendship Garden acts as a symbol of friendship between China and Malaysia and a bridge to enhance understanding and friendship between people of both nations for an everlasting friendly relation, perpetuating the historical relation established since the Malacca Sultanate and imperial China. The garden echoes a sister garden, dubbed “Zhi Yuan”, erected at the city of Dongguan prefecture in China.

The release of the fishes will complement the beauty and ambiance of the Lingnan-styled garden at Anjung Floria featuring distinctive Chinese elements and character which promises to be a permanent major attraction for tourists and visitors to the upcoming 8th Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival, Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015.

China-Malaysia Friendship Garden Release of Fish


The Friendship Garden was developed in collaboration with The Malaysia-China Friendship Association (PPMC) to symbolise the 40th anniversary of good bilateral relations between Malaysia and China. Paved with coloured bricks and stones from Yingde County in Guangdong Province, the garden features winding pavements and walkways lined by luxuriant trees amidst flourishing flowers across exquisite courtyards and with a pavilion reserved for renowned calligraphers and painters. This garden testifies the long-lasting friendship between China and Malaysia.



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