If one would drive along the main thoroughfare in Nilai Impian, one’s eyes would transfixed on one particular bungalow home, it’s simply different from the rest as it seemed to be nestled within lush greeneries.

The owners happened to be dear old friends of mine, Dr. Hj. Zaidi Md Isa and his lovely wife Hjh Hasiah Yahaya. Due to my fascination of their lush garden, I voiced my intention to highlight their garden in this featurette and being house-proud they readily consented.

Dr Zaidi is an entomologist by profession, which means he is an expert on bugs, not the ones that plague digital machines but the real creepy crawlies specially the ones inhabit our forest. That also means Dr Zaidi understands and appreciate nature and the environment.

His garden or as he puts it “my lepak hangout area” is in an area of about 5000 sq. ft. surrounding his house. He conceptualise the idea of a “mini forest” for his garden, I reckoned it would kind of remind him of the forest he spends so much time in, researching his bugs. My guess was right as he described how he loves to spend time in the lush green surrounding of our forest, with fresh air with high humidity, creating a natural climate controlled environment. Thus also it creates a unique space to entertain friends and family.

Dr. Zaidi has diligently and meticulously incorporated some interesting concepts and ideas to enhance the mini forest look amidst his home setting by;

  • Creating a green perimeter fencing by constructing tiers planter boxes planted with varieties of foliage and flower plants species.
  • Covering the existing perimeter open drain for walkways and garden furniture
  • Designing and crafting and even constructing various garden furniture, accessories elements of garden surprise through ‘Upcycle’ and ‘Repurposing. Meaning building and crafting excellent garden features and accessories by using used and old materials.
  • Collecting of garden waste such as dead branches, dried leaves and turned them into compost. Composting was done through BBQ pit cum burning brick pit built by Dr Zaidi himself.
  • Utilising capillary action method has been installed for most planter boxes and potted plants and even in his carp fish beautifully designed pond as Dr Zaidi and his family were frequently away for holidays. Thus this self-watering system will keep the soil moist and retain the humidity of the plants. This will diminish Dr Zaidi worries on the plants state while he is away.

Most plants found within his landscape setting are gathered from friends, neighbours and family members which he will propagate. He would only buy if the plant is unique and couldn’t be found easily.

Dr Zaidi also has a knack for arts and crafts as he would collect old woods, timbers and other items of his interest and would fashioned them to self-made garden furniture and decorations.

A walk through his garden is such an experience as I counted 8 different unique niches within his garden that he created to incite differing mood and serve distinctive space function. Kudos to Dr Zaidi challenging and equalling to the task he placed upon himself.

Dr Zaidi is proud of his work in progress for the past 6 years, let’s wish him all the best and continue his great work and inspire others to follow his footsteps in turning his home into an environmental friendly, sustainable green. An embodiment of modern green living!

Original Article By:

Puan Siti Zakiah Mohamad, Landscape Architect.



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