As iconic as the city of Putrajaya itself, FLORIA - The Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festivals are indeed an event to relish for. Each and every show, with varying theme of flowers, has prided itself in putting Putrajaya and Malaysia on the map of international flower and garden festivals with the tapestry of floral artistry and unforgettable gardens.

FLORIA Putrajaya Festivals

Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival


It leaned a little more to the unusual as the blooming beauties and the rendered, tendered gardens showcased at these flower shows promised to be a show-stopper! The other being the shows have steadily gained popularity with increasing number of landscape architects, growers and floral enthusiasts who flocked to this intelligent garden city of Putrajaya to partake or visit the flower shows every time they were organised. There was over a million visitors worldwide who thronged our flower show every year.

As a matter of fact, the excitement of the flower and garden shows have extended to the entire country and these shows are like new-found treasures that needed to be sustained in years to come.

Really, the sky is the limit if you were a frequent visitor to our much anticipated shows. We could give 10 reasons why you should swing by to our flower shows. But first, let us take through the memory lane of what we had showcased to the visitors in previous showcases.


2014 FLORIA Putrajaya

2014 Floria Putrajaya


The 2014 FLORIA Putrajaya has chosen Begonia, the year’s flower theme, and an apt festival theme of “Mesmerising Colours.” Begonia, a flowering plant, comes in different captivating hues and colours. The genus begonia includes over 2,000 species and hybrids with diversified habitats and appearances.

More than 35 international participants including landscape architects, designers and growers from the UK, Australia, USA and Asian countries took part in this nine-day event from June 14th, 2014. More than a million visitors thronged the flower show.

2014 Floria Putrajaya


The festival saw different zones earmarked for Grand Flower Beds, Showcase Gardens and Floral Pavilion. Obviously, the Grand Flower Beds became the highlight of the festival with theme flowers of Begonias and an assortment of tropical blooms were on display. While the Showcase Gardens encompassed a variety of mix and match gardens presented by associations, government agencies, private sector landscape contractors, corporations, NGOs, schools and universities.

Prizes for best gardens were given away. The Floral Pavilion was a temperature-controlled marquee that highlighted cut flowers’ arrangements that were displayed in assortments and colours. The displays were based on different themes and participation came from both local and international florists and landscape architects.

2013 FLORIA Putrajaya

2014 Floria Pin Wheel Garden


Orchid or the orchidaceae family, a diverse and widespread of flowering plants with colourful and fragrant blooms, took centre stage as the theme flower for the 2013 FLORIA Putrajaya with “Tropical Treasure” as its festival theme. The festival was held nine days from on June 22 that year.

2013 Floria Putrajaya


A quick background on Orchid indicates that these tropical species were introduced in 19th century and horticulturists have produced more than 100,000 hybrids and cultivars. More than 100 genus and 800 species of orchids are found in Malaysia alone.

The highlights of the festival included Flowers Galore as the centrepiece of the event with spectacular blooming beauties on display. The visitors were in literal awe with displays of other varieties of flowers, other than the theme flower. There were roses, heliconias, hibiscus, bonsai and an array of herbal plants.

Floria 2013 Royal Garden


Apart from the usual Showcase Gardens by various flower enthusiasts, there was also a Royal Garden, a royal yellow setting of a resplendent tropical garden. The other highlight that caught immediate attention was the Nightly Floral Parade that featured brightly illuminated floats cruising on the Putrajaya Lake every night during the festival period.




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