FLORIA Putrajaya Sdn. Bhd. is proud to present the FLORIA Lifestyle October edition at Anjung FLORIA this 30th October to 1st November 2015.

FLORIA Lifestyle at Anjung FLORIAAs we are all aware that we are experiencing hazy conditions for the past few weeks and everyone are seemed to be depressed by the lack of sunshine and clear skies. Fret not as it is forecasted that the skies are clearing and the air is bearable again come tis mid-October and hopefully everyone can step outside and enjoy the outdoors once more. What better way to celebrate the outdoors with us at the FLORIA Lifestyle event and bask in the full FLORIA glory!

The theme flower of this event will aptly be the sturdy and hardy Adenium or better known as the Desert Rose. Lending from the spirit of the Adenium, a rare and high value succulents that grows natively in sub-Saharan conditions of Africa, where conditions can be extreme yet the Adenium prevails. And when it blooms into a multi-florum of pinkish-fuchsia petals and white with red and dark blue highlights. A riot of colours erupt! Just as what we wish to bring with our FLORIA Lifestyle event this October, to raise the spirits from the gloom of haze that we all suffered in the past weeks.

White Adenium ObesumBy Pinus (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

As with the previous FLORIA Lifestyle event, there will be myriads of things to do, from floral exhibitions and sale of gardening products to arts and crafts and fashion wear, activities for the children, food trucks and fruit stalls serving for every palate imaginable. In short there will be something for everyone to savour.


So don’t forget to mark your calendar come this October 30th till November 1st 2015 and bring the family to Anjung FLORIA Putrajaya. Celebrate and revive the spirit and have fun in the sun!



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