As the date to launch Friends of FLORIA (FOF) membership card, this Friday 28th August 2015, during the inaugural FLORIA Lifestyle event, looms near. More and more of Putrajaya FLORIA Sdn. Bhd.’s partners are stepping up in support of our great initiative.

FLORIA Lifestyle Fun in the Sun

Many of our partners sees this as a splendid initiative, benefitting not only themselves but moreover an opportunity to increase their brand awareness amongst FLORIA’s legion of dedicated enthusiast but also a great chance for them to reward their loyal customers. Henceforth a beautiful synergy is able to realise. That synergistic approach is the main rationale of our FOF membership programme.

Chiefly among our smart partners that are on this merry band of FOF supporters are:

Alliance Islamic Bank, they are FLORIA’s exclusive partner, who is coming on board our FOF programme with exclusive deals not only for FOF members but other smart partners too. Members will enjoy the benefits of opening saving or hybrid current (sans chequebook) account from as low as RM30 and RM250 respectively. Free-sign-up for auto debit for FOF membership card renewal at no additional cost. FOF smart partners will enjoy special perks for their business account like FREE registration for BizSmart Online Banking with 2 FREE tokens and FREE Biz-Express Card. As well as special banking product package at preferential rates for employees and collection service via their EDC terminal facilities.

Friends of FLORIA Alliance Islamic Bank


Our premier garden outdoor furniture specialist Lecio Lifestyle and Leisure ensures all our FOF card holder a special 10% discount across all of their wooden outdoor furniture range.

Friends or FLORIA Outdoor Furniture Partner


Answering the travelling and holidaying needs of FOF members, TITM Holidays is offering special rebates for around the world hotel room rates, airline ticket prices and tour packages*.

Friends of FLORIA Travel Partner


Kazza Network sports wear collection, a custom jersey design and printing company with immaculate jersey sublimation work is offering RM 5 off for all its collection.

Friends of FLORIA Sportswear Partner

Creative Qaliph, the people that runs the quaint little gift shop at Galleria D’FLORIA and who are also FLORIA’s official merchandiser, is also giving a special purchase prices for all FLORIA merchandise bought from their venue.

FLORIA Gift Shop


A visit to Hijraz Garden Centre in Anjung FLORIA will gain our FOF card holders a special purchase prices amid Hijraz’s great multitude of horticulture and floriculture goods and products.

With constant effort, Putrajaya FLORIA Sdn. Bhd. is confident that the list of smart partners will continue to grow. Our valued supporters will receive the added value by joining FOF and ultimately realising our vision of smart synergy between businesses and members, gaining mutual benefit.

So, come, sign-up to be Friends of FLORIA during FLORIA Lifestyle event this Merdeka weekend 28th -31st August at Anjung FLORIA, Putrajaya and be on your way to reap the benefits. Membership has its perks and that’s a promise!

*terms and condition applies

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