Without realising it, over the years Putrajaya has become the epicentre of great architectures with majestic buildings and aesthetic monuments that cannot be missed for a first time visitor. Even for a seasoned traveller, the majestic buildings of Putrajaya continue to awe. These days, Putrajaya wears many crowns from the spacious and wide boulevards inundated with flowering plants to the scenic view of the Putrajaya Lake and Putra Mosque that have become the luminous landmarks of the city to the functional and aesthetic public buildings that are dotted along the Persiaran Perdana.

Just beside the great mosque, Putra Mosque and Putrajaya Lake, stands the Perdana Putra, a six-storey natural stone-clad complex in Precinct 1 that houses the offices of the Malaysian Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, the Chief Secretary, Ministers in the Prime Minister’s Office and top Government officials. It is known as PMO as in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The distinctive feature of the Perdana Putra is the huge green onion-bulbous dome that resembles the dome of the Madinatul Munawarah or the Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Medina, Saudi Arabia. With the combination of Islamic Mogul architecture with tinges of Malay heritage, Perdana Putra is also seen as a replica of Zahir Mosque in Alor Setar, Kedah

Seri Perdana Complex, the official residence for the present and future Prime Ministers of Malaysia, consists of three blocks that entail the banquet, reception and residential block. On many occasions, Seri Perdana is used for official banquets and receptions of which the main reception and banquet block are open to the public for guided tours. As for the residential block, it is used as a private home for the Prime Minister and his family.

Places of Interest Putrajaya Seri Perdana

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Seri Perdana Complex has a combination of the Malay and Islamic architectures such as the repetitive columns and arches, stately mosaic-clad dome, decorative surfaces and well-laid gardens. Even the furniture, walls, plinths and carpets of Seri Perdana Complex have elegant cursive calligraphy, Islamic geometrical design and foliated designs that replicated the nature. Seri Perdana Complex also has a combination of western and contemporary elements to reflect the universal outlook of the Malaysian psyche.

Seri Perdana Complex also provides panoramic views of the city. There are seven landscaped zones such as the Laman Sari, Laman Tiba, Laman Tengah, Laman Depan, Entrances and Access Road, the private garden and the orchard. Each and every landscaped zone has its own function and sizes. One will be amazed with the beautiful landscaped grounds.

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