Dongguan Municipality to have a Twin Malaysia-China Friendship Garden in Dongguan City

For forty good years, Malaysia and China excellent relations did not just focus on diplomatic and bilateral trades alone, they have somewhat blossomed into something least expected - flowers and parks as well!

This was revealed during a meeting and courtesy call by Malaysia-China Friendship Association (MCFA) president Datuk Abdul Majid Khan on his counterpart, Mr Yang Xiaotang, the Deputy Mayor of Dongguan Municipal Government on November 3.

In return of Putrajaya’s sincerity and honour of building a Malaysia-China Friendship Garden in Anjung Floria (Precint 4, Putrajaya) that has just been completed on a 11.7 hectares of land in Precinct 4, Putrajaya, Mr Yang said Dongguan Municipality now wished to return the good deeds by building a China-Malaysia Friendship Garden in the Dongguan prefecture.

Malaysia-China-Friendship Garden GuanDong


Anjung Floria is the permanent site for next year’s Royal Floria Putrajaya scheduled in May and other flowers and gardens festivals beyond 2015.

Datuk Abdul Majid led a delegation including some senior officials from Perbadanan Putrajaya to the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road International Exposition. Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary company of Perbadanan Putrajaya, had set up a booth during the exposition trade period to attract potential participants to take part in next year’s Royal Floria Putrajaya.

At the meeting, Dongguan People Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries signed a memorandum to establish a “friendly cooperative relationship” with MCFA as a signor. On the other hand, MCFA will submit specific design plan to Dongguan Municipality for the construction of similar garden in the prefecture.

Describing the international expo as a huge success, Datuk Abdul Majid said the China-Malaysia Friendship Garden established in Putrajaya would not only witness the 40th anniversary of Malaysia-China’s ripening diplomatic and bilateral relations, the garden would also stand out as a fresh tourist attraction that would facilitate further cooperation in areas of trade, tourism and culture.

Datuk Abdul Majid extended an invitation to Mr Yang to attend the official opening of the garden.

Currently, there are about 30 Malaysian companies investing in Dongguan with total trade volume exceeded US3.07 billion. Asean nations have become the 3rd largest trading partner and the 2nd biggest investor in the prefecture city.

The Malaysia-China Friendship Garden, costing RM1.5 million with Lingnan-styled garden, is adorned with distinctive Chinese elements and it is built to mark the 40th anniversary of ties between Malaysia and China.

In the garden, the white Cempaka or michelia alba – the official flower of Dongguan city, China – was planted to symbolise friendship, diplomatic relations and mutual understanding between the people of Malaysia and China.


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The meeting with Mr Yang has received wide news coverage from the city’s portal news, electronic and print newspapers which included, Network Dongguan, Dongguan Daily,,,,,, and


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