October 16th 2015 marks the inaugural FLORIA Media Night, organised to commemorate the contributions and support the media had given to programs and initiatives that Putrajaya FLORIA Sdn Bhd (PFSB) had taken in the past.

Malam Mesra Media 2015

Malam Mesra Media 2015


The lively maiden event had taken place at The Grand Marquee in Anjung FLORIA attended by senior management members of Putrajaya Corporation, ministry bureau chiefs, their representatives and of course media reps and the press corps.

In her welcoming speech Pn. Haslinda Khalid, Managing Director of PFSB, thanked and honours the contributions and help the members of the media had given, where the value of the publicities and exposure afforded by the media through news coverage, TV news and spots, magazine features and articles, for the year 2015 alone valued at RM13.1 million. Espousing the importance of the Medias role in a smart and mutually beneficial partnership in educating the public to appreciate, love and ultimately contributing to the conservation of nature.


She also took the opportunity to announce PFSB latest initiative in turning Anjung FLORIA as the location of choice for various types of gathering like corporate event, family day, dinner functions, filming location and especially garden wedding party.

To that end, she informed, PFSB had deliberately chosen Anjung FLORIA to hold the nights event to exemplify the suitability of the place to hold large revelry. PFSB had also seal numerous arrangements and partnership with various parties and businesses to add value to the proposition. With readily available amenities within Anjung FLORIA to competitively price event specific furniture and equipment rentals, gourmet dining food catering to special accommodation packages with a prestigious hotel, will not only turn any event held in Anjung FLORIA a memorable one but enchanting indeed.

PFSB will be promoting the initiative at 2 wedding expos held in Shah Alam and Mid Valley Megamall come this November 2015. Special discounts will be given to bookings made before 31st December 2015.

In conclusion, Pn. Haslinda Khalid impressed upon the fact that the constant special relationship enjoyed between PFSB and the Media is crucial and sincerely hoped in will continue in the years to come.


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