2012 FLORIA Putrajaya

Bougainvillea or bougainvillea spp, one of the hardiest and enduring flowering plants man has seen and grown, had its origins in South America. There are now about 120 Bougainvillea cultivars and hybrids in Malaysia alone with three main species found in this country ie B.glabra, B.spectabilis and B.peruviana. It is interesting to note that B.glabra or strangely known as Mrs. Butt arrived in Malaysia in 1923, followed by a B. Mrs McClean in 1933.

2012 Floria Putrajaya

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Due to its nature being hardy and enduring, a festival theme of “Enduring Beauty” swept the heart and soul of the organisers off their feet (pun intended) to make Bougainvillea as the theme flower at the 2012 FLORIA Putrajaya, Flower and Garden Show. The event was held for nine days from June 30, 2012 at Putrajaya’s Waterfront in Precinct 2.

The festival saw a large exhibit of more than 100 varieties of Bougainvillea flowers in various forms in the likes of topiary, bonsai and cultivars in different colours, dwarfs and climbers adorning gardens, meadows and general areas. There were more than 10 international participants who went on to display their landscape and floral designs but the local exhibitors took centre stage with their collection of bougainvillea. In fact, the festival created its first imprint in the Malaysian Book of Records when it recorded “The Most Collection of Bougainvillea”.

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2011 FLORIA Putrajaya

Since roses are always associated with the romantics and romanticism, whether it is a heart rendering poem or the nectar it besieges of a sweet love, you can never go wrong to assume that roses are the best next to women’s preferred gift in any occasion, after diamonds that is. One rose says more the dozen, says an anonymous self-professed philosopher.

Floria 2011


Well, women came in droves to the 2011 FLORIA Putrajaya, Flower and Garden Show on that humid Thursday morning of June 30, 2012. They melted and they were enthralled and mesmerized with the exceptional lingering beauty and fragrance of roses displayed at this flower festival. Literally, the women took the courage, as what the late singer-songwriter Isaac Lee Hayes Jr. said, “to enjoy the fragrance of a rose, you must also accept the thorns it bears.” These words aptly described the vehemence of these women, come rain or shine, to attend the festival themed “Roses Are Forever “ and it was not to be mistaken for a James Bond-film soundtracks. It was a catchy phrase for the festival theme at its best.

Floria Putrajaya 2011


Roses come in a variety of types and colours with over 1,000 species of roses can be found in Southeast Asia and another 300 or more species found scattered throughout the globe. Roses do not only symbolise love, romance and affection, roses also symbolise the dollar signs. Yes, they have a high commercial value and they just suited in any landscape design or elaborated flower arrangement. Roses give that extra zing of colours to a bouquet of flowers or they are just scattered along the route to the marriage dais or to entice your spouse straight to the bedroom for a romantic night together!

Floria Putrajaya 2011


The 2011 FLORIA Putrajaya was spectacular and colourful than the previous years. Indeed it was. The festival showcased the biggest collection of roses on flower beds, gardens and even retail lots. There was also rose growers’ garden, apart from other variety of tropical flowers that were equally attractive. One of most outstanding feature was the Flower Galore where a display of roses dominated the showground. It was “snowing” roses with roses displayed at the Entrance Statement, Floral Alley, Floral Arch, Floral Meadow, Kiddy Play Area and Therapy Garden.

2010 FLORIA Putrajaya

Heliconias are a common sight in Malaysian parks and gardens that beckon immediate adoration for their drooping flowers. Their flowers, in the shades of red, orange and yellow, produce on long, erect or drooping panicles and consist of brightly coloured waxy bracts and with small true flowers peeping out from the bracts.

The heliconias, a tropical splendour of flowering plants, were showcased at the 2010 FLORIA Putrajaya, Flower and Garden Show. The showcase encapsulated an assortment of Heliconias and related species from the plant order of Zingiberales. It also featured plants from the family of Musacea (Bananas), Strelitziacea (Bird of Paradise), Lowiacea, Zingiberacea (Gingers), Costacea (Costus), Cannacea (Cannas) and Marantacea (Prayer Plants).

Floria Putrajaya 2010


The festival held from July 10 to 18, 2010 saw more than 650,000 visitors thronging Putrajaya’s Waterfront in Precinct 2. It was a sight to behold with a huge collection of about 200 species of heliconias one would ever witness in the history of the flowering plant in this part of the world. The Heliconias were richly displayed in the Floral Alley, Floral Avenue, Floral Meadow, Kiddy Play Area and Growers’ Display Garden. Another attraction, Showcase Gardens, exhibited theme gardens, namely, Exotic Heliconias, My Backyard Gardens and Courtyard Gardens.

One interesting fact of Heliconia flowers, better known as the lobster claw, is that they are mentioned in both Greek mythology and Chinese writings. From the beginning of recorded history, men and women had assigned special meaning and significance to different flowers and plants. Surprisingly, both Greek and Chinese believed Heliconias’ auspices lie on the bracts and panicles which signify great returns or good fortunes.



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