1. Entry is open to students from Secondary School.
  1. Contesting schools are required to register with the School Program Secretariat from 19 February – 17 March 2016.
  1. Contestants are required to submit their concept brief and design plan based on a lot size of 5 meter by 2.5 meter. Actual lot size on site may vary due to site conditions.
  1. Theme: “Magical World of FLORIA”, Sub theme: Fairy tale garden design must meet the objective of exposing the healthy lifestyles at Putrajaya city.
  1. Each garden must have a strong message on the impacts of outdoor activities; promote the conservation of environment and its landscape resources, protection of tropical forest landscapes and/or gardens, promote green practices and innovations.
  1. Contestants are to submit their design, entry title and minimum 200 words write up on their arts expressions in digital form using Microsoft Word (font Arial, size 12 and picture in Jpeg format) by 17 March 2016. Failure to submit entry title and write up will cause contestant’s points to be forfeited.
  1. The best twenty (20) garden concepts short listed based on the design concept submission by schools that have successfully completed the concept plan ready for construction with a presentation outline will be entitled to an incentive award of RM 3,000 Incentive award recipients will be notified through e-mail/ group WhatsApp.
  1. Submissions received by 17 March 2016 will be assessed for incentive awards and recipients may receive the incentives through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT).
  1. Garden lots will be allotted to contestants via ballots on 5 April 2016.
  1. Contestants may start work on their show pieces on site starting 16 May 2016.
  1. Contesting group shall comprise maximum of 15 individuals comprising 10 students, 3 teachers and 2 parent s (Parent- Teacher Association) for site works.
  1. Some level of construction works is expected for erection of decks and minor structures.
  1. All site work should be completed by 10 pm on 25 May 2016.
  1. Judging criteria includes assessment on the design brief and how well it’s translated into the garden design, command of space, scale and proportion, originality, creativity, innovative design elements, quality of plants, appropriate choice of plants, finish standards of hard materials, construction quality of building works and the “Garden’s WOW! Factor”
  1. Each judge is chosen for his or her skills and the panel of judges is made up of judges who complement each other’s skills. This ensures fair and independent judging of exhibits.
  1. Exhibitors are required to leave the site before judging takes place. No discussions with exhibitors/contestants prior to judging session. If there should be any conflict of interest, the judge steps down.
  1. Judging is on 26 May 2016. Contestants must be present for briefing to judges and night judging will be at 00 pm. Judges’ decision is final.

The guidelines of judging criteria are as appended below:-

Components Percentage
1 Theme 30%
2 Component and Element

§ Theme Flower (Chrysanthemum)

§ Soft scape

§ Hardscape

§ Lighting

3 Innovation and Creativity

§ Originality

§ Use of recycled materials

§ Green technology practices

4 Overall Presentation

§ Illustration/Painting

§ Presentation



  1. Winners will be announced at the Official Opening Ceremony on 27 May 2016.
  1. Gardens shall be open to the public for display from 27 May – 4 June 2016.
  1. Contestants are to ensure their gardens are irrigated well and in best conditions during the duration of display.
  1. Exhibits should remain the same after judging sessions. Removing exhibit materials are prohibied.
  1. The organizerwill not beheld liable for any loss or damageto exhibit materialsduring the event.
  1. Contestants are required to participate in at least two categories of Floral Arts Competition (1 + 2).
  1. Winners will receive the following:
  • First placement will receive a trophy – FLORIA Diraja Putrajaya 2016 Gold Award for Primary School Garden, a cheque for RM 1500.00, certificate and accompanying prizes.
  • Second placement will receive a trophy – FLORIA Diraja Putrajaya 2016 Silver Award for Primary School Garden, a cheque for RM 1000.00, certificate and accompanying prizes.
  • Third placement will receive a trophy – FLORIA Diraja Putrajaya 2016 Bronze Award for Primary School Garden, a cheque for RM 750.00, certificate and accompanying prizes.


2016 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya FAQ

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