Competition Roll of Honour

The festivities at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015 may have officially ended. But the good vibes still reverberate around the corridors of Klang Valley in particular and, Malaysia in general. It looks like the feeling of elation is here to stay. Already the pangs for yet another Floria has begun to be felt. And this is excellent news since Anjung FLORIA will remain open to the public. In fact FLORIA has gained a firm foothold among the international flower and garden circles. Judging by the number of visitors, we can certainly look forward to a stupendous 9th Royal FLORIA in 2016!

Garden Festival

The recently concluded 8th Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival presented eight days of sights to behold; with days bathed in bright Malaysian sunshine and nights illuminated with enchanting arrays of light displays. Anjung Floria was truly a magical wonderland.

Once in the festival ground, one sensed an Anjung Floria ambiance full of excitement, coupled with the electricity and supreme anticipation. There were myriad activities overflowing with value for the dollar to partake. Throngs of spellbound visitors milled around, appearing breathless at the sight of seemingly endless assortments of colourful and beautifully landscaped gardens adorned with flowers of all colours, shapes and sizes.

And the competitions? What a spectacle! Every participant from primary to secondary schools, universities, city halls, local councils, state governments and international entrants pulled out all the stops to impress the judges on their garden design, creativity and innovativeness. And the judges had their plates full to assess all of them. Alas there can only be one winner for each category. Actually the bottom line is everyone is a winner. Royal FLORIA Putrajaya was time and effort well spent and Malaysia is the ultimate winner. And so, the organizers take great pride to highlight all the winners of awards at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2015.

School and University Garden Competition Result

Full List of Award Winners at FLORIA 2015


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