It has been 9 years since FLORIA Putrajaya was formed and the inception of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya annual flower and garden festival, the brain-child of Perbadanan Putrajaya. Our journey is nothing short of miraculous. The challenges we faced and overcame made us better as the years passed.

The Royal FLORIA Putrajaya 2016 will be our greatest flower and garden festival yet. We invite you to share our fantastic Magical World of FLORIA voyage, an enchanted journey, not only down memory lane but towards a bright future, aptly as bright as the symbolic Chrysanthemum flowers, the theme flower for the 2016 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya.

We are extremely excited with what we have planned for next year’s show. Not wanting to reveal too much albeit spoiling the surprise but suffice to say we plan something to take your breath away. There will be a secret garden within an enchanted forest, stuff that fairy tales are made off. We will transport you to other worlds, mystical ones with all the bells and whistles to awe and excite your senses.

Magical World

Come with us and take this magical journey together this 2016 at the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya and be enthralled.



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