University and School Garden Competition

Every year during the Royal FLORIA Putrajaya event, the organiser Putrajaya Floria Sdn. Bhd. will arrange for the participation of students from the primary to secondary and university level to participate and compete within their own respective category for the Best Student Garden Design Competition.

This competition is one of the mainstay competition of Royal FLORIA Putrajaya. It was mooted with the awareness to inculcate, firstly the love of nature, instilling horticultural design skills and imparting self-confidence amongst the learners so that it will inspire and enthuse their interest and importance in horticulture. Also it is in line with Putrajaya’s City in a Garden concept.

With the main theme of “Magical World of FLORIA” and the sub themes of “Futuristic Garden”, “Science Fiction Garden” and “Fairy Tale Garden” for the university, secondary and primary student participants respectively. Garden plot size allotted are 25 sq. metres for the university entrance and 12.5 sq. metres for secondary and primary schools.

Secondary School Garden Competition

Each garden must convey a strong message, on the impact of outdoor activities; endorsing environmental conservation, its landscape and resources, protection of green heritage and promoting best green practices and innovations.

Panel of judges are picked based on their professionalism and expertise of the respective fields ensuring a fair and methodical adjudication. Assessments are made based on how close the submitted design concept is translated into the actual exhibit garden. Expert space utilisation, proportion and scale of the design elements. Choice of plants, its appropriateness and quality. Materials used for construction of rigid structures and building quality and finishing. And finally the elusive garden’s “WOW” factor.

Exhibits are judge based upon criteria as follows:

1. Theme 30%
2. Component and Element 30% Inclusion of the theme flower (Chrysanthemum), soft-scape – plants and turf, hard-scape – rigid structures and lighting.
3. Innovation and Creativity 30% Design and concept originality, utilisation of recycled materials and renewable green technology applications.
4. Overall Presentation 10% Décor, backdrops, illustrations or paintings.

Judging is on the 26th May and night judging is at 8pm. Announcement of winners will be held on Royal FLORIA opening day and the gardens is open for public viewing for the whole duration of the event. Three winners will be selected from each category with special Gold, Silver and Bronze Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Awards and prize money for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placement to be won respectively.

Primary School Garden Competition

Apart from many fabulous and exciting activities and exhibitions to take part and admire, come lend your support and appreciation to the participating young and budding floriculture aspirants and relish their fresh approach to their garden décor craft during the magical 9 days of Royal Floria Putrajaya 2016.

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