With every passing of a season, we go through changes in our environment and the manner we carry our lives, our leisure, our cuisines and in some parts of the world, even our livelihood. In regions around the equator, including Malaysia, seasons are usually designated with the dry weather followed by the monsoons.

2015 Spring and Winter Garden


For many, scenes of bountiful colourful blooms reminiscent of spring in the temperate lands and white powdery snow sparkling like gems on the ground in a winter wonderland are only enjoyed by looking at beautiful photos or scenic backgrounds in movies or travelogues. Experiencing the climate changing four times in a year seems far-fetched, a feeling normally savoured by those who travel the world. However, visitors to the 2015 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya can look forward to be fascinated by astonishing gardens that depict spring in its utmost colourful array with mesmerizing floral splendour, cool winter breezes and snowy panorama.

The 2015 Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower & Garden Festival will, for the first time feature two new fantastic attractions, the Spring and Winter Gardens. These gardens feature various trappings reminiscent of spring and winter while visitors get a close to life experience of spring and winter seasons. It will be an experience of a lifetime, and there will be plenty of opportunities for photography to freeze this experience for posterity.

FLORIA Putrajaya Spring Garden

The Spring Garden at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya displays nine different spring flowers laid out in specially prepared/landscaped flower beds, enclosed in a circular garden 20 meters wide. The garden will be partially encircled by a screen projecting spring sights accompanied by beautiful sounds of spring. Visitors can hang out on a platform outside the information centre and enjoy a captivating 3 dimensional projection of spring with a waterfall over a sculptured rock embankment beside a beautiful house. The garden also features three mini windmills to complement a truly spring ambiance. The surround sound coming from the background coupled with the 3 dimensional projections of a temperate forest with snow-capped mountains, together with the special lighting effect for a spring night sensation is set to give visitors a beautiful, exciting and surely, unforgettable spring garden experience.

2015 FLORIA Putrajaya Winter Garden

The Winter Garden will be displayed in an encirclement 15 metres wide. The information centre located near one end of the circle will feature visitors the opportunity for a 4 dimensional experience of winter. Visitors can enjoy viewing the various temperate blooms that are featured in the garden, especially the tulips, while lounging on the platform/promenade adjoining the information centre. The Panoramic screen will project a 3 dimensional view of a winter wonderland complete with replicas of snowmen and a snowy garden surrounding a snow covered house. Visitors get to view snow covered mountains with trees covered with snow, simultaneously getting a cool winter sensation and sounds. The electronic screen will show ice skaters happily skating over a frozen river and this topped with an array of lights is sure to give visitors an unforgettable winter experience.

Royal FLORIA Winter Garden


The Spring and Winter Gardens at Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Flower and Garden Festival 2015 is set be an enticing attraction while transporting visitors into sensational spring brightness and snowy winter wonderland that cannot be missed.



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