Recognized as one of the biggest suppliers of cut flowers in the European Union, Kenya is known to be the leading fresh flower exporting country. Being the most developed sector, Kenya is accounted for about 40% of horticultural exports in Africa.

Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Red Lands Roses


Apart from Lake Naivasha where the fresh cut flowers particularly roses are most dominant, places like Kinangop, Nakuku, Limuru, Athi River, Thika, Kaimbu, and Eldoret also play a huge role in the flower farming industry. While the soil around Lake Naivasha is sandy with excellent drainage system, Limuru and Eldoret have much cooler climates which is the perfect habitat for certain types of flowers, especially their famous fresh cut roses to grow in. Thus, the cultivation of flowers in Kenya is a vastly specified trade as well as capital-intensive.

With the high-priced infrastructure for the production of floricultural products per hectare, the transaction of cut flowers has become a major element of international trade in horticultural industry. Besides, the floral business has formed a major sector by conquering more than half of the fresh horticultural exports in Kenya.

The exporters from Kenya are able to satisfy their clients with high quality roses in a timely manner all year round. Ranging between October and May as the main export season, the major markets are mainly in the European Union, primarily Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and France, that govern the excellence in standards of the floral industry in Kenya. The flowers are also sold locally by street retailers and floriculture stores, mostly in Nairobi and Mombasa.


Nourished by the side of Lake Naivasha with the touch of volcanic ash and generous supply of tropical sunshine, the Kenyan roses posses vivid and vibrant colors with extended flowering period. Generally, exceptional quality roses require labor-intensive of watering, trimming, and treatment before clipping them off for a wider range of international market. While a single rose is in need of 10 liters of water to grow, the classic dozen of Kenyan roses requires about 120 liters of water.

With the golden opportunity of having such beauty to come to Asia, the Royal Floria Putrajaya 2015 will be displaying the best roses in the world from Kenya. The event will be held in Anjung Floria, Precint 4 in Putrajaya from 30 May to 7 June 2015. It is undoubtedly an international event that flower lovers would not want to miss.



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