Water Colour Painting Competition

Water Colour PaintingThe Royal FLORIA Putrajaya Water Colour Painting competition will be held at the Royal FLORIA’s Arts and Craft site on 29th May 2016, from 8:00am to 10:00am. It will be divided into two categories, adult Malaysians 21 years and above in category A and Malaysians youths aged between 13-20 years in Category B. Contestants are required to highlight the Chrysanthemum - The Magical World of FLORIA, the festival theme flower and festival theme for 2016 respectively in their contest submissions.

The painting contest will certainly add to an exciting, colourful fun-filled Royal FLORIA for visitors with endless arrays of novelties to enjoy and partake.

To participate, download your registration form here.


Registration Form: Water Colour Painting Competition.


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